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hi-fi: broadband

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Personnel - (Tracks 1,2,3,4,7,8,11)
Evita Cobo, vocals; Brad Hatfield, piano; John Lockwood, bass; Matt Gordy, drums.
Recorded at PBS Studios, Westwood, MA, October 2003
Engineer: Peter Kontrimas
Arrangements: Rebecca Parris, Brad Hatfield

Personnel - (Tracks 5,6,9,10)
Evita Cobo, vocals; Bruce Williamson, alto & soprano sax, flute, bass clarinet;
Art Lande: piano; Dean Johnson, bass; Ron Vincent, drums.
Recorded at Northern Tracks Studio, Wilmington, VT, April 2003
Engineer: Gary Henry
Arrangements: Bruce Williamson, Art Lande

CD Production with OASIS CD Manufacturing
All Tracks mixed and mastered at PBS Studios, Westwood, MA. Engineer: Peter Kontrimas

Photography: Robert Kim
Design Concept: Sue Koch
Design/Layout: C. Herrmann @ Oasis CD Manufacturing
Liner Notes: James Gavin

Produced by: Rebecca Parris
Executive Producer: Evita Cobo