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Evita is a real honest-to-goodness singer.  She has natural musicianship - extrardonary pitch, man - and she's genuine as the day is long.

                                     - Rebecca Parris

Evita is a wonderful singer with passion and swing; such beautiful feeling and heart.

                                            - Sheila Jordan

Just when you think classic jazz singers are gone, there is Evita Cobo with her debut CD, Invitation. Her tone is like velvet. Her songs are unusual, rarely heard, while others are deeply familiar - all with her refreshing, mature examination of love, life and change.  She is in the company of great musicians who push her and hold her while she tells her musical story with so much heart and talent.  Keep believing in jazz singers and listen carefully to Evita.

                                         -  Rhiannon

Evita has her own beautiful vocal sounds and delivers it from deep within her heart.

                                          - Yusef Lateef

Cobo is a keeper, someone to keep an eye out for, a lilting jazz swinger who zeroes into the lyrics with heart and understanding.  She has a precise and focused vocal tone with edges that can dissolve into smoke.

                           - Cabaret Scenes NYC

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